Train Safe, and Keep Flowin'
no--dream said—

You have an addictive blog,keep your nice work!

Thanks, mate! Will do


Bart van der Linden

My hunt for booty and self esteem has taken me to the mountaintops.


Today, when people hear about my weight-loss story they ask me this question, "Why?" Why did I want to lose weight? Why did I want to get in shape? To me, this question is pretty funny! Why do we breathe? Why do we eat? Why do we work? Um… to live. If I had done nothing to change my whole…

My friend’s weight loss was one of the reason on why started conditioning and taking better care of my body. I wouldn’t be able to do the things I am able to do now without his help

Anonymous said—

Could you give me a starting point? Ive been working in my cardio fitness and flexibility for a month now, but i still dont know what i should be learning first, on my journey to tricker? (You can also use Should give you some good insight on what basic tricks to learn when you’re first starting out..

Basic kicks to learn: Round kick, Side kick, Hook kick, 540, 720, webster

Flips: Back Flip, Front flip, Side flip, Aerial

Twists: Butterfly kick, B-Twist 

Master these so that more advanced tricks will come easier to you. Not to mention, your tricks be a lot cleaner in the long run. A wise tricker once said “Clean kicks = moist clits”.  Good luck on your through Tricking ^_^. *On the sidenot I suggest you should check out Dogen’s tutorials”






From here on out I am no longer to be referred to as “forthesakeofmovement”. I am now Kim Jung Oniichan.


Ultima Suicide by Diego Battaglia Photographer


Because of the winter my b-twists are starting to suffer

I really can’t understand how someone can look at someone else practicing an art of movement such as tricking, parkour, bboy,etc, and just continue on their way as if nothing happened.